Panjabi Price in BD: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Panjabi Price in BD

Welcome to our latest blog post on ‘Panjabi Price in BD. In today’s world, Panjabi is considered one of the men’s most classic and sophisticated garments. The Panjabi, a traditional garment worn by men in Bangladesh for centuries, is still valued and well-liked today. 

However, one of the consumers’ most significant concerns when buying a Panjabi is its cost. This varies depending on several factors, including the quality of the fabric, embellishments, and the brand name.

As a leading online Panjabi retailer, we receive numerous inquiries regularly regarding the price of Panjabi in Bangladesh. Hence, we decided to delve deeper into the topic and provide our readers with a comprehensive guide to Panjabi price in Bangladesh.

Overview of Panjabi price in Bangladesh

It is a local Bangladeshi product, so this dress is only sold in Bangladeshi currency. If you visit local markets, the price of Panjabi will be variable. And you can select a panjabi dress you want. However, if we talk about shopping malls and fixed-rate shops, you will find a list of dresses’ prices. Panjabi local variety starts at TK 1500 and increases as Panjabi quality and design increase.

So everyone can buy their favorite panjabi dress according to their budget. If you are a middle-class person, you can find the right panjabi dress on our website, starting from TK 1595. However, inflation is increasing worldwide, but you can get different varieties of panjabi from us at affordable rates.

Factors Affecting the Price of Panjabi Clothes

Some factors affect the rates of Panjabi clothes. However, through a tinny struggle, you can buy your favorite Panjabi dress on your low budget. Here we will discuss some factors which are affecting the rates of garments.


The kind and quality of the fabric used to make clothing can significantly impact the cost. Silk, chiffon, and other high-end fabrics are more expensive than cotton or synthetic materials.


Designer brands and boutique shops often charge more for Punjabi clothing due to their reputation and exclusivity.


Prices can fluctuate depending on the season, with prices often being higher during wedding and festival seasons when demand is high.


Fabric or design availability can impact price. Rare or hard-to-find materials may be more expensive due to their scarcity.

Manufacturing location:

Labor and manufacturing costs can vary depending on location. For example, Punjabi clothing made in India may be cheaper than Punjabi clothing made in other countries due to lower labor costs.


It is an economical benefit to reduce expenses by producing bulk quantities. Because bulk and individual rates are different, you can reduce your costs by increasing your production. This is if you want to start your own business producing Panjabi Motion products.

You will get a higher sales rate if more people know about your brand. But there are some promotion expenses. So you can reduce the cost of promotion. By promoting, you can get better results at lower costs.

Different Types of Panjabi in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Islamic country, and over 90% of the people are Muslims. So most people wear their local dress, which is famous in Bangladesh. However, rural and urban areas have different fashion styles. 

Moreover, there are special dresses for special occasions. As discussed above, on ‘Eid, all Bangladeshi Muslims wear only Panjabi casual shirts and pajamas. However, in Bangladesh, Phulkari, Jutti, Patiala Salwar, and the Jama are famous Panjabi dresses.

Comparison of Panjabi Prices in Different Regions of Bangladesh

These days, buying any product at the same price you paid 3 or 4 years ago is impossible. Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, inflation rates are increasing daily worldwide. So if you live in Bangladesh and want to buy Panjabi, see your budget because all regions have their rates.

Economic surveys show Dhaka is the most expensive city in South Asia. So Dhaka’s racial and social conditions are higher than in other cities. On the other hand, Panjabi rates in other cities like Chattogram, Khulna, Comilla, and others are low. If you buy these clothes in supermarkets, the prices will differ from local markets.


Tips For Buying Panjabi in Bangladesh

If you are planning to buy latest Punjabi in Bangladesh, here are some tips to help you make the correct purchase:

Do your research.

Before shopping, research the latest Punjabi fashion trends and popular styles. This will give you an idea of what to look for and help you make an informed decision.

Check the fabric.

Inspect the fabric closely before purchasing, ensuring it is high-quality and comfortable. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton or silk suitable for the local climate.

Consider the occasion.

Punjabi clothing varies based on the occasion, so consider where and when you will wear it. For example, a more casual Punjabi might be suitable for everyday wear, while a more elaborate Punjabi would be more appropriate for weddings and other formal events.

Try different styles:

Try different styles and sizes to find the right fit for your body type. This will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your Punjabi.

Bargain price:

Bargaining is common in Bangladesh, so don’t fear negotiations. Be respectful and reasonable in your negotiations.

Check for authenticity.

If you buy a branded Punjabi, check for authenticity to avoid fake or counterfeit products.



What is the best Punjabi brand in Bangladesh?

Despite the country’s significant demand for Punjabi kurtas, Bangladesh’s top Punjabi brand had been unoccupied for years. The majority of stores that sold Punjabi for years did not comprehend the idea of a brand.They never paid attention to retaining customers or building brand loyalty. As a result, Bangladesh’s top Punjabi brand was absent for a very long time.

Why is Illiyeen Panjabi the best Panjabi?

The Luxury Collection features flawless, simple designs made from the best materials available.

How much does Panjabi cost in Bangladesh?

Men’s Stylish Cotton Panjabi cost in Bangladesh starts from approximately – 1500 Taka



To conclude, the panjabi is a traditional and cultural attire for men in Bangladesh, and it holds an important place in the fashion industry. Panjabis with different designs, colors, and fabrics are available at various prices. 

While we aim for affordability, the quality of the material and stitching must also be considered when purchasing a panjabi. We hope this article provides valuable information about panjabi prices in Bangladesh.

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