Bow Tie Prices in BD A Comparison of Different Brands and Styles

Bow Tie Prices in BD

Are you looking for a stylish accessory that adds sophistication to your outfit? Have you considered a bow tie? They are a timeless classic that always stays in style.

Bangladesh has become increasingly popular with bow ties. Whether for a formal event or a casual outing, they are versatile accessories that elevate any look. However, with many options available, finding a suitable bow tie that fits your budget can take time and effort.

You may be interested in the price if you’re looking for a bow tie in Bangladesh. Depending on the brand, style, and fabric quality, a bow tie’s price can vary. But don’t worry. We will look at the variables influencing bow tie prices in Bangladesh in this article. We’ll help you locate the right option within your price range.

Overview of Bow Ties

Bow Tie has a unique attraction and style symbolism. Whoever wears it gives them a sense of entitlement, finesse, and creative prowess. However, in Bangladesh, the Bow Tie culture was rare. But nowadays, with modern advancement, this trend has emerged in Bangladeshi youth to upgrade their styling sense.

Factors that Affect Bow Tie Prices in Bangladesh

The following factors can strongly influence the Bow Tie prices in bd :

1- Material

Bow Ties manufactured using pure silk or Satin cost more than polyester or low-quality fabric.

2- Design

The intricacy of the designs and patterns on the Bow Tie can also impact its price a lot in Bangladesh.

3- Brand

If you are purchasing a Bow Tie from a local retail shop, it may cost low, but buying from a branded outlet will cost you ten times higher.

4- Customization

Mass production reduces the cost of Bow Ties, but if you want a customized handmade product, get ready to pay extra cash.

Types of Bow Ties Available in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi vendors offer three types of ties which are :

1- Self-tie Bow Tie

As the name suggests, this Bow Tie comes in one or two long pieces. You have to prepare and wear it on your own by adjusting accordingly. It is a tricky task to tie a perfect bow tie.

2- Pre-tied Bow Tie

It comes with an already-tied Bow, which has a neckband attached to it. You can wear it to fit your collar size. It is ideal for beginners because it is the simplest to use.

3- Clip-on Bow Tie

This Bow tie has a clip that you can attach to the front of your shirt’s collar.

4- Butterfly Bow Tie

It is the most popular style of Bow Tie. It resembles the shape of butterfly wings or thistle flowers due to its stretched size.

Comparison of Bow Tie Prices in Different Brands and Stores

In Bangladeshi Markets, you can find a wide variety of Bow Ties, both physical and online. Moreover, the Bow Tie price in Bd varies from shop to shop and vendor to vendor. You can find Bow Ties in 50 BDT to 900 BDT.

Let’s take a closer look to analyze the pricing in different shops and brands :

The most affordable option is the local markets, discount stores, and online selling platforms like Daraz (50 BDT to 250 BDT), Infinity Mega Mall( 400 BDT), and BD ( 700 BDT), where you can find a fantastic variety of Bow ties.

You can visit Anupam Tie Museum for a premium Bow Ties collection. It is an excellent option for high-quality Bow Ties for 900 BDT.

Tips for Purchasing Bow Ties at a Reasonable Price

Keep these valuable tips in mind for purchasing reasonable Bow Ties in Bangladesh :

1- Market Survey

Research the market and visit multiple shops to get a clear idea about different varieties of Bow Ties and their prices.

2- Sales

Get benefited from the ongoing sales as many brands offer discounted prices during sales.

3- Suitability

Make sure to purchase Bow Tie according to your needs. Polyester or microfiber go well for everyday needs, whereas Jacquard, silk, and cotton Bow Ties are for special occasions.

4- Bulk Buying

Try buying around 6-10 pieces in Bulk to get an expected discount and save time.

5- Know your style

Figure out what your clothing style is. Start buying solid colors first and simple patterns initially, then experiment with different designs.

Where To Find Affordable Bow Ties in Bangladesh

Here are some places to find affordable bow ties in Bangladesh:

New markets:

New Market is a popular shopping destination in Dhaka that offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories, including bow ties. You can find a variety of styles and colors at affordable prices.

Gausia Market:

Gausia Market is another popular shopping destination in Dhaka that offers clothing accessories, including bow ties. Here, you can find both traditional and modern styles at reasonable prices.

Bashundhara City:

Bashundhara City is a large shopping mall in Dhaka that offers clothing and accessories. You can find a range of bow tie styles at affordable prices here.


Aarong is a popular fashion brand in Bangladesh that offers traditional clothing and accessories. They offer affordable bow ties in a variety of styles and colors.


Unimart is a supermarket chain in Bangladesh that offers clothing and accessories. You can find affordable bow ties here in a variety of styles and colors.


What are the rules for wearing a bow tie?

The most important rules include the following:

  •   Select a suitable collar like a traditional point collar or spread collar.
  •   Tie the Bow Tie correctly in the perfect shape, especially the self Bow Tie.
  •   Pairing it with the right outfit
  •   Wear a small tie with a sleek body shape, whereas going for a bigger one only if you are 6 feet tall and broad.

How do I choose a good bow tie?

First, understand your body and face structure, then try to find a suitable Bow Tie of an appropriate color, quality, design, and size which complements your dress and personality.

What is the best size for a bow tie?

As a general rule, the width of the bow should be between 2.25 inches to 2.75 inches, and the length should be between 4.5 inches to 5 inches. However, it’s essential to understand your individual style and body type and wear accordingly,

Finally we learn more about bow tie prices in Bd. Bangladesh’s bow tie cost depends on various factors, such as materials, styles, and brands. It is always an excellent idea to shop around and compare prices online and in physical stores to get the most affordable deal. 

Moreover, one can also opt for DIY bow ties or thrift stores for a more affordable option. Regardless of the price, bow ties remain a timeless and fashionable accessory for formal and casual occasions.

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